Transforming the Last Mile

Recruit Riders

Using our established relationships with local police and stage chairmen, we find vetted riders who have been nominated to apply. Our application helps unearth details such as experience, personal contacts, and daily income. This information helps us to verify that they are a good fit for our training program.

Safety Training

We provide free training that covers a multitude of practical riding skills and techniques. This training verifies that our riders are experienced and knowledgeable in the ways of boda boda safety. Upon completion, riders are given a certificate of completion, a helmet, reflector jacket, and a life insurance policy.

App Training

Once our riders are properly trained in road safety, we rigorously train them on how to use our toll-free number. They become extensions of our brand and help to market our services to potential end-users. They also act as brand ambassadors who champion our services.

Ongoing Support

Once our riders have fully committed to our services, we help them save on a weekly basis for obtaining their riding permit, which protects them from liability in the case of an accident, and provides them with more job security. We also provide our riders with life insurance, protecting their families from financial risk.

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